Did he say "From Air-dam to tail pipe"?....Yea....In the 80's my cousin was always on this GM body kit kick...if it didn't have a "air-dam" it wasn't a performance car....and he was speaking of 80's GM performance....yeah....he acted a fool for the look of the Euro Celebrity. » 11/21/14 6:42pm Friday 6:42pm

Great video...but it looks like by the end of the video they pull a fast one. They talk about the pitching from the earlier suspensions, but by the end the frame doesn't hardly move going over the bumps fast, as if the pivot that allowed the frame to articulate in the early part of the video is now locked in place,… » 11/14/14 1:00pm 11/14/14 1:00pm

I agree. You see this with a lot, dude gets 745 or 750, installs staggered wheels, now he's Rick Ross'n it....but some people tend to not be car enthusiast and don't have a voice of reason, a good friend or family member who knows cars and tells them NO, thats a money trap car...they just see what they like, whats hot… » 11/04/14 7:13pm 11/04/14 7:13pm