Dont know where you are, but here in Houston they have some that are just inspection stations, nothing else, so no upselling. I started going to those somes years back after when I first moved to Houston from South Carolina in 1998 and I was getting my 1971 Olds Cutlass S inspected (Safety only required) and the guy… » 4/30/15 10:22am Thursday 10:22am

Bill To Let Tesla Sell Direct In Texas May Sputter Out And Die

If you were hoping 2015 would be the year that Texas lawmakers would finally vote to allow Tesla Motors to sell their cars direct to customers in the Lone Star State, you may want to pin your hopes on the 2017 legislative session instead. The latest direct sales bill has been met with considerable opposition. » 4/14/15 10:40am 4/14/15 10:40am